Relief Initiatives

"We didn't know the water was making the children sick." - Nakuru, Kenya

Impact Nations works among some of the poorest, most desperate people in the world. Although we are committed to helping people reach long-term self-sustainability, we recognize that there are times that immediate intervention is required.

Whether facing starvation, a health crisis, or the devastation of their home, the desperately poor often find themselves with nowhere to turn. Impact Nations meets some of these most basic needs in a variety of ways.


Isaiah 58 Feeding Fund

We are coming alongside men, women and children who are suffering severe malnutrition where death by starvation is a constant threat.

Their greatest need is simply to eat.

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Clean Water Fund

The implications of contaminated water are so much more than we realize.

When a family is provided with a water filter, everything changes.

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Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, families suddenly find themselves without food, shelter, or access to clean water.

Impact Nations responds with compassion, helping to rebuild lives.

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Crisis Pregnancy

In Uganda, teenage girls are suffering terrible abuse at the hands of their own family members, leaving them pregnant and alone, with nowhere to turn.

Our partners are rescuing these young women and helping them safely carry their babies to term.

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