Frequently Asked Questions

Journeys of Compassion

How much does it cost to go on a Journey?
  • We have prices both in Canadian dollars and US dollars. If you are traveling from anywhere but Canada, all prices are in USD.
  • This will vary depending on which country the JOC is going to. If it is a journey that is already scheduled, information is readily available in the Journeys portion of our website. If a Journey has not been posted, feel free to call or email us about your interest and we will update you as soon as the Journey details have been solidified.
What is included in the cost of the JOC?
I would like to go on a Journey, but finances are an issue for me.
How old do children need to be to go on a Journey?
What happens on a JOC?
Can we bring a group from our Church?
What are the physical requirements to go on a JOC?
  • A person must be able to walk a long distance, stand for prolonged periods of time, handle their own luggage for the entire trip and help carry supplies to various projects.  They must also be able to board and unboard a bus, ride on undeveloped roads, be in close quarters with others and sleep in a variety of beds. While we strive to make partners as comfortable as possible, this is not a vacation. It is a missions trip. As such, the reality of our host country cannot be entirely avoided.
What Does A Typical Day On A Journey Look Like?
Are Journeys Tax-Deductible?
What's Included In The Journey Donation Target?
What's Involved With Orientation, Equipping & Team Building?
Where Do I Get More Information?