Crisis Pregnancy

Crisis Pregnancy
Medical Costs.

Crisis Pregnancy Medical Costs (Ongoing)

  • LOCATION: Kampala, UG
  • BUDGET: $18,000.00 / year
  • RAISED TO-DATE: $17,167.00
  • GOAL: Provide 30 Victims of Sexual Abuse with Medical Care

Eight Years of Abuse

At the age of 12, after eight years of abuse, Nancy was impregnated by her grandfather. Terrified and alone in the big city of Kampala, Uganda, Nancy didn't know where to turn.

The Remnant Generation rescued Nancy from her dangerous situation, providing her with a safe place to stay and the medical attention needed for Nancy to give birth to a healthy baby.

Nancy's life was radically changed, but there are so many more lives to be saved.

The Remnant Generation can help as many as 30 girls just like Nancy every year. At an average of $600 per pregnancy, they need $18,000 each year to meet this need. The staff at Remnant Generation often give up their own salaries in order to pay the hospital fees.

You Can Help!

Countless young girls face these horrors in Uganda every year. Without intervention they end up on the streets and their babies may die. You could be the one to rescue them.

Will you provide a girl with the medical attention that she will need to safely carry her baby to term? Will you help provide the love and care that she needs?

Initial Dr. Visit ($50)

  • First appointment with the doctor
  • Any medication prescribed during the initial visit
  • Transportation to and from the appointment

Complete Prenatal Care ($185)

  • All prenatal doctor appointments
  • Ultrasounds
  • Any medication prescribed during antenatal care
  • Transportation to and from all appointments

Labor & Delivery ($340)

  • All hospital and equipment fees
  • Doctor's fees
  • ICU nursery costs
  • Transportation (a private car is hired) to and from hospital

Complete Care ($600)

  • All doctor's appointments (pre- and post-natal)
  • All Medications
  • Labor and delivery
  • Transportation to and from all appointments and hospital

These kids need our help. Together, we can rescue lives.


These kids need our help. Together, we can rescue lives.